Best Boutique Resort in lonavala

Enter the world of leisure, comfort and luxury.

They say "small is beautiful", but we know there's much more to it than that.

At Honeybee we remember a time when colors seemed brighter, time seemed longer, and smells were sweeter. A time when the purity of simplicity of everyday life inspired our curiosity. The first boutique resort, set in Lonavala, pays homage to these simple moments; inviting you to retreat, to revive your senses, and to immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of nature at its most brilliant.

We are pleased to offer you our unique brand of hospitality experience that is intuitive and personalized. Experiencing our enchanting resort is akin to being enveloped by the warmth and simplicity of a second home that is close to your heart.If you’re searching for an exceptional blend of nature, heritage, culture and foods, you’ve arrived at the perfect place!

Our 14 Rooms are delightfully designed with an understated luxury that is inspired by the Lonavala‘s simple way of life. Central to our belief at Honeybee, we’re devoted to deliver a stay experience that is always sincere and authentic in meeting your every want and need. We will be here to make your stay with us a blissful and enjoyable one.